Three Predominant Characteristics

Three Predominant Characteristics

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  1. Great bending strength and strong resistance to vertical loads

The great cross sectional rigidity and bending strength of steel pipe sheet piles make them ideal material for the construction of large-scale quay walls and bulkheads. Piles driven into a bearing stratum can be used as the foundation for steel pipe sheet piles that can withstand vertical loads.


  1. Rational design

Changing the outside diameter and thickness of steel pipes allows selection of the desired modulus of each section thereby making rational design easier than ever. A variety of joint shapes are available to meet practically any design requirements


  1. Easy installation and short construction period

The excellent drivability of steel pipe sheet piles allows on-site joint placing, thereby helping to shorten construction period. Changing the location of joints allows for free planar arrangement, which also facilitates ease of design.