Five Predominant Characteristics of JSP Steel Pipe Piles

The great strength of the material comprising the pipe piles can withstand large driving forces. It is possible to drive long piles and penetrate through intermediate layers with a comparatively high N value, allowin...

Standard manufacturing specification based on JIS A 5525:2009

Japanese Industrial Standard specifies the welded steel pipe piles used in the foundation of structures such as civil engineering works and architecture.

Sectional Properties of Steel Pipe Piles

The table of Steel Pile's sectional properties is really useful for designers to refer when designing structural part concerned to Steel Pipe Piles.

Related Products - J-Marine Coat

J-Marine coated steel pipe piles are thick anticorrosion piles covered with urethane elastomer that are highly regarded as products with outstanding performance characteristics, even in highly corrosive environments suc...


Steel pipe piles require various accessories depending on the application and method of installation. The Japanese Technical Association for Steel Pipe Piles and Sheet Piles has standardized the accessories commonly use...